Freeform structural modelling functions


In the last years, freeform architecture became more and more popular. A variety of complex geometric shapes are used for the facades of buildings, which brought the demand of new, innovative tools and solutions for modelling of these structures too. In Consteel we have developed such functions to make the engineers' work easier.

Section orientation

Orientation of the sections is always a problem. We have implemented a tool, with which the rotation of the sections can be done automatically. Sections can be rotated perpendicularly to the surface of the freeform shape of the structure. Z axis will be perpendicular to the surface formed by the connecting beams.

Load transfer surfaces

Covering a freeform structure with load transfer surfaces -like in the picture below-manually, would take a lot of time and effort. Our tool for multiple load transfer surface placement gives you a quick, easy and effective solution for covering your freeforms.

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